To God Be The Glory for Blessing Us On This Journey.
I have been very grateful to be blessed with this assignment by God to carry through this ministry in His name. It has brought me to so much different opportunities and life-changing experiences and introduced me to so many wonderful people that have taught me valuable lessons that have enriched my life as well as others. 
Thank you to each and every connection, meeting, interview, conversation, and faith-inspiring blessings each and every one of you has been to this magazine. TGBTG!!
Some of The People, Places, Photoshoots and Interviews we've Done That has Filled out Hearts with Sooo Much Joy! 
Les Brown
Loral Langemiere
DeVon Franklin
Jack Canfield
Mr & Mrs Black Santa
Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin
Lynda Reeves
Jean Augustine
Stedman Graham
Marvin Sapp
Multi-Award Singer Jully Black
Movie Producer Cindy Bond
Pinball & Diane Clemons
CIFF Founder Jason Barbeck
Art Director of Star Wars Roger Christian
Multi Award Singer Liberty Silver
Michie Mee
Kardinal Ofishal
Singer Simone Denny
Gospel Cafe Couple
Nikki Clarke
Left Behind Producer John Patus
CP24 Reporter Patricia Jaggernauth
Pastor Richard Brown
Super Model Nini Amerlise
Powerhouses Sam Sorbo and Lana King
Noel Waldron
Justice McLeod
Today's Special Star Nerene Virgin
Sam & Naomi Tita
Marcia Ien
See Love Hear star Melinda Estabrooks
Producers Howard Green & Marcel Jones
Simon Marcus 8 x World Champion Kickboxer
Marsha T. Brown VP of Jean Augustine Center
Gospel Singer Roxanne Robinson
Minister & Talk Show Host Sheldon Neil
JITC Founder Ayanna Solomon
Soulful Image Magazine 2014 Launch Party