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July 11th, 2021




“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


If you knew my full life story you would understand why I am the woman I am today. I've struggled harshly with relationships within my own family (my parents and siblings.) I was forced to leave home and find my way alone at the age of 13. I went to high school in my senior year on student welfare in my own apartment dreaming to find my purpose, dreaming to find my life's path. 


You might look at me and think I got it all together. But if it wasn't for my faith in God, I don't know where I would be today. I was emotionally broken, abandoned, rejected, spoken badly about because of the effects of my severe depression. I struggled with addictions, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-doubt, low self-esteem, negative suspicious thinking, and a lack of trust of people's intentions towards me because the little girl inside me had been devastatingly hurt by my foundation people. 


It took me a long time to realize that the scared little girl inside was suffering in silence for a long time in constant pain. I ran away from everything and anyone that made me feel worthless and unwanted because the emotions were too big for me to handle.


And as time went on food, cigarettes and recreational drugs were my best friends before God rescued me. These past things were my escape at the time. I also indulged in watching daytime soaps and excessive tv as a means to escape my life by living through the characters lives I watched even if it was just for an hour or two. 


I've struggled with my weight my entire life because of emotional imbalance for years. So I can imagine what demons people have been suffering through the past year during these lock downs. Over-eating, binge tv watching, lack of focus, lack of motivation, unhealthy relationships, and abuse has been on the rise, and so much more unhealthy behaviours due to Covid.


I share this because many of you have been struggling within yourselves trying to find your own self worth, trying to get through some of the difficult relationships in your life, trying to overcome physical and emotional traumas from your past while trying to endure with grace through the present. We all struggle.  We've all been hurt.  We've all had to deal with some form of trauma.


I am someone who has fought hard to overcome many of these things. I have worked hard at becoming the caring, loving, driven woman I am today. And even though I am not perfect, even though my life is not perfect, even though still to this day I battle through painful disconnections from people I love... I still get triggered by thoughts, actions or lack of actions of people close to me... but it is my faith that keeps me grounded and keeps me hopeful and keeps me pushing to see another day. It's my faith that pulls me through and let's me know that everything will be ok as long as I have Jesus. I always say in faith that in Christ ALL IS WELL!  I know that God is fighting for me.  I know that God is fighting for you and I am determined to get the VICTORY!


I have learned that I am responsible for how I look at my life, how I act and react, and my own healing journey. If you don't try to fix what you can then things that persist are your fault. So, I encourage you in whatever you are facing today to Pray about it. Take spirit-led action. Rest. Then, let God handle the rest. 


So no matter what has happened in your past, no matter who abandoned you, rejected you, or made you feel unloved or unworthy, God will help you heal, make you strong, change your thoughts, and put the right people around you to support the new you... the confident you... the brave you ..the ready to truly live, you... and the renewed you. People might not understand who you are, your pain or your willingness to renew your life, but God does. And He will support your journey if you ask him to. 


With all that we've been going through my intention in this issue is to help you to follow your heart even through the difficulties of life.  Connect to your soul, your passions, your dreams... and live a life of faith, love, compassion, and grace. 


Through your journey you will discover your path, and your specific purpose. When you do, don't be afraid. Follow your heart and let your spirit within light the way.


May you continue to press through your life's journey with joy, hope, love and peace.  Don't be so hard on yourself. Those that truly love you will be there. Those that don't do not deserve a role in your life. Great things are coming for you my friend. 


Just believe. 


I pray that God's love will enter your life in the most miraculous ways, filling your heart, mind, and spirit with such an unconditional awareness of God's presence in your life that it will change you in ways you never thought possible.  I pray that your love will attract perfect love in your life in every way, healing generational brokenness causing you to become an undeniable beacon of love in your life.


May the glory of God shine bright with you today and always.  Continue to support, share and contribute to our magazine where possible so that we can continue to share God's love, inspire faith, and fuel your purpose, in Jesus' name!


Sincerely with all my love,



Tracey-Acadia Thomas

Founder, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief